Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of the online service

Administration site is committed to maintaining your security when using the Site's resources and strict confidentiality. We guarantee the safety of the data provided by you.
This privacy Policy of this Website is based on the requirements in accordance with the European data protection standard (GDPR) and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

1. Personal data of users/customers are collected for the following purposes:

Personal data may also be collected, with optional registration (by filling out the proposed form) on

2. Collection and use of personal data

The site administration reserves the right to collect and use users ' personal data only in case of their voluntary consent and familiarization with this Policy. With this consent, all users/customers allow us to collect and use the following data: e-mail, Bank card data (other details) and e-wallet identifiers.
The entire procedure for the collection and processing of personal data is carried out strictly in accordance with the laws in force in the European Union and the Russian Federation.

3. Data storage, modification and deletion

3.1. The user/client who has provided online service, their personal data, has the full right to change and remove (in accordance with the laws on personal data of the strange, where the use of services) and timely feedback of their agreement with their use.
3.2. The period of storage of personal data is determined by the time - necessary for the use of data for the basis of the Site. The site administration will delete Your data at the expiration of the services provided for the exchange of electronic means.
3.3. We (the site Administration), have the right to transfer your personal data to a third party, only with your voluntary consent, and their change (when transferring) on other sites not related to us, can not be carried out by law.
3.4. To provide information about the preservation of Your personal data (with the same voluntary registration), you can contact us on the page:

4. Use of cookies

4.1. For a comfortable and correct display of the site content — and for convenience, the site Administration uses cookies.
4.2. All users/customers may, on a voluntary basis (on their own), set up the reception or blocking of cookies in the browser.
4.3. Also, everyone can refuse to collect personal data that can be collected by third-party sites and online services through cookies, through various blockers.
4.4. The site administration does not transfer Your personal data to other organizations (sites, services, platforms) and services that have not been specified in this privacy Policy.
4.4.1. There are exceptions and they are only — direct transfer of information at the authorized, legal requirements of state bodies.

5. Links to other sites

Site — may contain links to other resources that are not managed by us. And also, we are not responsible for their content. As a recommendation, users/customers need to study the privacy Policy of those other online resources.

6. Changes to this privacy policy

6.1. The site administration may change the current privacy policy. When updating this Policy, we notify all users by posting the news on the main page of the Site.
6.2. We monitor changes in legislation that relate to personal data in the European Union and in the Russian Federation. If our user/customer has left personal data with us, we will notify you of the change in the privacy policy.
6.3. If the personal data were entered incorrectly, we will not be able to contact you without specifying Your e-mail address.

7. Feedback and final provisions

7.1. To contact the website on issues related to the privacy policy by using the contact form specified in the relevant section of the website: or.
7.2. If you disagree with this privacy Policy, you can not use the services provided by the site —, in this case, you must cease all activities and refrain from visiting our website.